Have you been invited to a MARAC?

If you are invited to a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference, it’s really important for you to attend!

Each month a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) takes place to discuss suspected or actual cases of CSE and missing children.

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Safeguarding in education

Audit for Education and Early Years Settings


Audit for Early Years Settings (2017)

 Audit for Childminders (2017)

 Audit for Schools and Colleges (2017)


Childcare Disqualification Requirements 

 Childcare Disqualification Requirements - new guidance from 26 February 2015

 Disqualification under the Children's Act 2006 - Statutory Guidance


Child Protection and Exclusion from School

 Guide for school professionals - May 2017


DSL Forums 2017

 Resources from this year's programme of DSL Forums

 Safeguarding quiz 2016

 Safeguarding Quiz

 Gender equality? Sexism? Misogyny - Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson

 Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 (reminders) 

Dangers Drugs Network - John Turner

Gloucester Hate Crime - Rebecca Richardson

Stalking - Simon Atkinson

E-Safety - Darren Peters


Suicide Prevention - Nobody Understands Labels


Gloucestershire safeguarding handbook for educational settings

 A resource to support the Designated Safeguarding (Child Protection) Lead in any educational setting

 Gloucestershire Safeguarding Handbook for Educational Settings


Guidance for new Headteachers

 Guidance for new Headteachers (revised Sept 15)

GSCB School Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy Guidelines (Sept 17)


Intimate Care Policy - Template 

Intimate Care Policy - Template


Keeping Children Safe in Education


Department for Education Statutory Guidance


Keeping Children Safe In Education September 2016

 Keeping Children Safe In Education - Part 1

 Safeguarding Induction Pack September 2016

 Quick Reference Guide - Sept 2016

 Model Job Description

 School Induction Pack - presentation-Sept 16

 Safeguarding Newsletter Jan 2017

  Model Lock Down Policy

 Model Lock Down Policy (parents)

 School Lock Down Procedure Checklist


For more information please visit  www.ghll.org.uk.


Managing Sexting Incidents

 Managing Sexting Incidents Factsheet

 Sexting letter to schools June 2016

 NSPCC Advice About Sexting



Stalking Advice for Professionals 

Stalking Guidance for Professionals

Stalking Advice for Victims (leaflet)

Stalking Poster


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