Theme of the day: Burns and Scalding - Monday 1st June

Did you know that 95% of all childhood burns and scalds happen at home? Most are caused in the day-to-day situations that many parents don’t anticipate. Check out some top tips to prevent burns and scalding at home.

Hot drinks

Anyone looking after children 24/7 right now deserves all the tea or coffee they can drink. Just remember to put your cuppa down in a safe spot out of reach of little hands that can grab as soon as your back is turned. @CAPTcharity has created a handy guide to help keep your hot drinks safe from little ones.  


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, repeat … sound like your life at the moment? When you’re exhausted it’s easy to get distracted, so use the back rings of the cooker and turn pan handles in. It keeps danger out of reach of little hands that grab. Find out more information, visit:

Bath time

Bath time can be an enjoyable experience but if it’s not done safely it can result scalding … get in the habit of putting the cold in first and top up with hot. For further information and advice, visit

Hair straighteners

Where do you leave your hair straighteners to cool down? Hair straighteners can cause serious burns to children even when cooling. Keep them safe by putting straighteners in a heat proof pouch, out of reach and out of sight. Find out more

Burns and scalds prevention from NHS website

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