Theme of the day: Head Injuries - Wednesday 3rd June

From tables, stairs even to trampolines there are lots of things inside and outside of homes that can lead to falls and ultimately serious head injuries. You can find useful tips use to ensure your family and home is safe and fall – proof. 


Did you know that 1 in 5 children under 5 is admitted to hospital everyday after falling from a building – often from open windows and balconies? Be aware that with the warmer weather and isolation keeping us inside of what you can do to keep you child safe from falls. Find out more


Cycling is a great way for us to be active and look after our wellbeing Its important to the ins and outs from wearing helmets to carrying young children on the on adult bike and being visible. Here are some useful tips to help you keep safe and develop good cycling habits. 


Did you know at least 10% of deaths could have been prevented if the cyclist had worn a cycle helmet? With more and more of us choosing to cycle for exercise or as a way to spend our time, it’s important that we wear the right protection. For more information on

In car safety

In-car safety can be a confusing area for families. You may find that you're not completely clear about the law, are unsure of the safest way for a child to travel, aren't using the most appropriate restraint or have badly fitting child car seats or booster seats. To help make things clearer here is  some useful information on in - car safety

Road safety

Speed is everything when it comes to a child’s chances of survival. Keep an eye on your speed. Keep your phone in the glove compartment so it can’t distract you. There is guidance on for in car road safety on the CAPT website. 

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