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Child Protection Information Sharing system

Child Protection Information Sharing system:


Child Protection - Information Sharing (CP-IS) is a nationwide system that enables child protection information to be shared securely between local authorities and NHS trusts across England.


Sharing information effectively across health and care settings is vital in protecting vulnerable children and young people and preventing further harm.


CP-IS connects local authority children's social care systems with those used by NHS unscheduled care settings, such as Accident and Emergency, walk-in centres and maternity units.


It ensures that health and care professionals are notified when a child or unborn baby with a child protection plan (CPP) or looked after child status (LAC) is treated at an unscheduled care setting.


CP-IS is a secure system with clear rules governing access. Only authorised staff involved with the care of a child can access the information.


With CP-IS:

•medical staff are alerted if a child they're treating is subject to a CPP or LAC and given contact details for the social care team responsible for them

•social care teams are alerted when a child in their care attends an unscheduled care setting


Providing instant access to this information means vulnerable children can be identified wherever they are cared for in England. https://digital.nhs.uk/child-protection-information-sharing


Contact CP-IS: enquiries@digital.nhs.uk

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