Front Door Services

Changes to The MASH

We know that our MASH service needs to get better. We need to improve the quality and consistency of practice across the board. We need to make sure that we are seeing children and reduce the drift and delay that remains an issue at every stage of delivery.

There are a number of reasons for the delays. Some are due to the system and structure of The MASH. Others are delayed by the lack of information provided in referrals in the first instance.

For these reasons, too many children are left in situations where the risks are unassessed. To address these issues we are providing more oversight of decision making when it is needed at the first stage (Front Door). We are going to review and change the current MASH arrangements but we need to make urgent changes now.

Please make note of the change of contact details for the Childrens Practitioner Advice Line:

Community Social Workers

Cheltenham 01452 328246
Cotswolds 01452 328101
Forest of Dean 01452 328048
Gloucester 01452 328076
Stroud 01452 328130
Tewkesbury 01452 328250

From 26 March 2018, professionals need to make referrals to the MASH for Children's services by completing a MARF on the new Liquid Logic portal

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