Substance misuse

Substance Misuse

The GSCE Substance Misuse Screening Tool and Referral Form

Young People's Substance Misuse Referral Form

The screening tool can be used to help professionals review, with their young person, how substances may be impacting on their life, relationships and health. It will guide you to score three areas, substance use, social situation/behaviour and health and wellbeing. These scores will show if the young persons current needs meet the criteria for a tier 1, tier 2 or a specialist tier 3 treatment service. Please send this form on to the GSCE using the email They will forward it on to the appropriate service on your behalf.


YST Specialist Substance Misuse (Tier 3)

The YST provides free specialist support and treatment for young people under the age of 18 in Gloucestershire. We know it can be difficult to talk about drug and alcohol use, but we are friendly and approachable, and we won’t judge you. What’s more we are an outreach service so we can come to you and see you at a time and a place of your choice all over Gloucestershire. We’re here to help you make the changes you want. Please contact us for more information or a confidential chat.


Call us on 01452 547540.


Address: Specialist Substance Misuse, YST, 48 London Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NX

Infobuzz (Tier 2)

Infobuzz are able to offer a holistic approach to supporting young people (11-25 years old) that will address their wider needs as well as their relationship with drugs and alcohol.

If you are concerned about a young person who you believe is misusing substances contact Infobuzz who will be able to support you to assess the young person’s needs and discuss with you the appropriate support available.


Tel: 01452 501 008



Substance Misuse and Screening Tool Training

Infobuzz provide free substance misuse training that can be booked through their site.

Young Person Substance Misuse Resources

Young People's Substance Misuse Referral Form

Using drugs / alcohol? Under 18?

Infobuzz / GSCE Drug information postcards

Parental Substance Misuse

The adult substance misuse provider in Gloucestershire is CGL and they can be reached at

Parental Substance Misuse Resources

Countywide Joint Protocol for Parental Substance Misuse

Parental Substance Misuse leaflet

All Babies Count: Spotlight on Drugs and Alcohol

All Babies Count: Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health

Bottling It Up: The Next Generation 2011 (The effects of parental alcohol misuse on children & families)

Hidden Harm 3 Years On: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities

Parental Substance Use: through the eyes of the worker



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