Alcohol misuse

Alcohol is a drink which affects our brain and how we act and react to things.  When drunk in moderation the effects aren't pronounced and therefore are usually not harmful. If an excessive amount of alcohol is drunk, however, then there can be several issues caused from this.

Some things that may happen are:

  • It slows down your body and makes accidents more likely to happen.
  • You might become violent when you are drunk.
  • Drinking a lot in one go can be very dangerous.
  • People may pass out, choke on their own sick, overdose and even die.
  • Every weekend hospitals pump the stomachs of young people who have drunk too much.
  • Being drunk makes you vulnerable and someone could take advantage of you more easily.
  • Regular, heavy use can lead to alcoholism. People then feel they have to drink all the time to avoid feeling ill.
  • Regular, heavy use can damage your liver, heart, stomach and brain.

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True Stories

After drinking a litre of vodka with her friends to celebrate the end of term, Anna started to slip into a coma. Read her story here: Anna's Story

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