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ALL GSCE training has been suspended with effect from Wednesday 18th March until the end of September 2020 or until further notice.

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

E-learning courses for professionals and parents

A recent study revealed that 137,000 women in England and Wales are estimated to be living with the consequences of FGM. 

The FGM Act 2003 came into force in 2004 which makes it illegal to

  • Practice FGM in the UK
  • Take girls who are British nationals or permanent residents of the UK abroad for FGM whether or not it is lawful in that country.
  • Aid and abet, counsel or procure the carrying out of FGM.

As part of the GSCB awareness raising campaign on the issues around Female Genital Mutilation we are championing the free e-learning course launched by the Home Office.

Watch a video about the course
Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising & Preventing FGMOpens new window

Who is the Course for?

This course is useful for anyone who is interested in gaining an overview of FGM, particularly frontline staff in healthcare, police, Border Force and children's social care.

What will you learn?

Throughout the course, we follow the character, Hope as she encounters the key issues relating to FGM and we see how they affect her throughout her life.

The training will help a wide range of professionals to identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM.

Feedback about the course

From the first pilot of 2,500 individuals that completed the course

  • 95% said they would do something differently in their role
  • 99.6% would recommend the training to others
  • 94.6% said the course covered everything they needed

"I have just completed the course and it's an excellent resource."
Safeguarding Children Development Officer 

"As someone who has not had any experience of FGM I found it really informative - it built knowledge in logical steps and was very clear on who does what, how to possibly spot FGM before and after and how to take appropriate action. I feel much clearer about facts and myths! I felt it was worth doing and would happily recommend it to others to do."
Early Years Locality Adviser

Sign up for the free training by visiting 

www.fgmelearning.co.ukOpens new window

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