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ALL GSCE training has been suspended with effect from Wednesday 18th March until the end of June 2020 or until further notice.

Please click this link to read the full message

What you need to know about GSCB training courses

Professionals and practitioners who work with children and young people need to ensure that they access the appropriate safeguarding training. Training Pathways are defined by Groups based on your roles and responsibilities, to identify your Group, please read: What Group matches your role & responsibilities?.

Once you have identified the Group to which you belong, you can establish the appropriate training pathway by reading: What Safeguarding Training should I be doing?

For further information, please refer to the GSCE Training Strategy.

If you work with children and young people as a practitioner, manager or childminder or have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) role and you have not completed the inter-agency training you are required to attend the Child Protection inter-agency training course course 

If you have previously attended the Inter-Agency Child Protection course you need to attend the Child Protection Revision & Update training course.

Please be aware you will need to refresh your Inter-agency Child Protection training within 3 years; however, if you work within an Education setting as the DSL or you are a childminder you must refresh this training within 2 years. (If you require further information please contact the training administration team adedsafeguardingcourses@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Details of all multi-agency training and specialist courses provided by GSCE can be found on the Multi-Agency Training Courses page

All Early Years and Childcare Practitioners in Gloucestershire, who are not the Designated Safeguarding Lead, are invited to attend a 3 hour training course. This includes all Early Years staff working with the under 5's, nursery staff, day care settings, and childminders (who are not the designated safeguarding lead) etc. Sessions offered include mornings, afternoons, Saturdays and evenings. 

Please enrol onto one of the half day/evening/Saturday courses details of which can be found on the Early Years Single Agency training page

The link to the electronic booking form can be found on each of the training course pages.

Please select two convenient dates for your chosen course, and then complete the booking form .  When you have fully completed the form, click the submit button in the top right corner, and follow the on screen instructions.  Alternatively you can complete the form, then save it, and send as an attachment to an email to adedsafeguardingcourses@gloucestershire.gov.uk

When your form arrives in our inbox you will receive an automatically generated email thanking you for your form.

*Please note all maintained schools will be charged for GSCE training, see below (Charges for Private and Independent Agencies) for further details.  (For schools opted into Traded Services Scheme see note below)

Charges for statutory agencies:

  • Half day course: £35
  • One day course: £60
  • Two day course: £80

Statutory agencies include:
Health Services, Police, CAFCASS, Probation and GCC staff.
These agencies contribute to the main GSCE budget and will be invoiced centrally on a quarterly basis for staff attending training.

Early Years staff and Childminders with a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) role have been funded by the Early Years Child Care Services to attend the Child Protection Inter agency and Child Protection Revision and Update Training courses without incurring a charge.

Each Early Years settings, i.e. nursery staff, day care settings etc will be allowed three DSL staff to attend without charge (Any more than 3 spaces per setting will incur the charges above and will be invoiced directly). 

Please note that only the Child Protection Inter agency and Revision Training will be funded by Early Years, if you wish to attend any of our other GSCE courses you will be charged directly.

Early Years and Childcare Practitioners in Gloucestershire who are not the Designated Safeguarding Lead can be found on our Early Years Training pages

Charges for private and independent agencies:

Maintained schools, academies, private and independent schools, colleges and private and independent organisations.

  • Half day course: £40
  • One day course: £80
  • Two day course: £100

All Private and Independent Agencies, Maintained schools, Academies, Private and Independent Schools and Colleges will be charged and invoiced individually following completion of the course.

The exception are Schools who have opted into the Traded Services Scheme, which offers as part of their package our two mandatory Child Protection Courses (Group/Level 3); Child Protection Inter-Agency Training and Revision & Update Training, free of charge. All other GSCE courses are not included in the package and schools will be charged directly for attending.

Charges for voluntary agencies:

  • Half day course: £20
  • One day course: £30
  • Two day course: £40

All voluntary agencies with a charitable status will be invoiced individually, following the completion of the course.

If we receive less than 10 days notice before the start of any course or there is a no show on the day, full fees will be charged.  
Please note: All agencies are liable for the cancellation fees without exception.

  • We recommend a maximum of 25 participates.
  • Telephone or provisional bookings will not be accepted.
  • Bookings will be accepted only on the standardised "Course Booking Form", which can be obtained from this website above or the Training Department.
  • The Course Booking Form must be fully completed.
  • Please ensure you quote the course title when making your booking.
  • Any special requirements e.g. loop system, wheelchair access etc. must be clearly stated on the Course Booking Form.
  • Lunch is not provided, although refreshments are. Please see joining instructions for more information.
  • The completed "Course Booking Form" must be emailed, posted to the Adult Education Team as soon as possible.
  • As we often receive more bookings for a particular date than we can accommodate, we always endeavour to place people on the next available course. Participants will be informed in writing if a course is fully booked or cancelled and will be provided with alternative dates to chose from. In this case, participants will not have to complete another booking form.
  • If the employee is unable to attend the course due to an emergency or sickness absence a cancellation fee will be charged. This fee will constitute the course rate and will only be waived in exceptional circumstances.
  • Lunch is not provided on full day or two-day courses

Who do I contact with any queries about booking onto courses?

Please phone the Adult Education Team on 01452 583863 or email adedsafeguardingcourses@gloucestershire.gov.uk


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