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Working with children and young people

The LiquidLogic Children's Portal for raising concerns about a child is now live.

Please use this page as initial guidance for professionals working with children and young people within Gloucestershire. Issues affecting children and young people also have their own allocated pages within the GSCB website, so please visit these pages for further information and guidance.


South West Child Protection Procedures


South West Child Protection Procedures


Working Together to Safeguard Children


Working Together to Safeguard Children July 2018

Working Together: transitional guidance July 2018 

Working Together to Safeguard Children Statutory Framework July 2018 

Young person's guide to Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013


Gloucestershire Child Protection procedures


What to do if I have a concern about the well being of a child or an unborn baby


Joint Section 47 Enquiry Protocol


Gloucestershire Child Protection Procedures


Local Strategy Discussion Flowchart


Child in Need Guidance Documents


Child in Need Chairing Meetings Top Tips


Child in Need Attending Meetings Top Tips


Safeguarding Practice Reflection


GSCB Framework For Safeguarding Practice Reflection


Practice Discussion


Guidance SPR


Levels of Intervention


Please be aware that the Levels of Intervention Guidance is a live document and subject to updates - access via the web rather than printing.


Gloucestershire Revised LOI Guidance - Jan 2018


Levels Of Intervention Guidance Windscreen


Information Sharing Guidelines for Safeguarding Practitioners


Information Sharing advice for Safeguarding Practitioners


Information sharing poster- 2012


GCC Sharing your information leaflet for children and families


Escalation of Professional Concerns


GSCB Escalation of Professional Concerns Guidance July 2018


GSCB Escalation Monitoring Form March 2018


Social Care Service Request Form, 
Single Consent Form and
guidance documents


LiquidLogic Children's Portal


Gloucestershire Children's Portal Guidance


Multi Agency Service Request Form


Single Consent Form Sept 2017


New approach to Service Requests to Children Social Care


Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) - FAQs


Information about the development of the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in Gloucestershire.


New information will be added as soon as it is available. 


Please email the MASH Co-Ordinator (Claire.Connolly@gloucestershire.gov.uk), if you have any questions


Safer Recruitment guidance


For settings working with children and families


Safer Recruitment Guidelines


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)


Disclosure and Barring Service Referral Form


DBS Disclosure News December 2013


DBS Disclosure News October 2013


DBS information - June 2013


DBS - Useful links September 2013


Childcare Disqualification Requirements – new guidance from 26 February 2015


DBS presentation 25.9.13


Guidance for adults who work with children and young people


Guidance for safer working practice for adults who work with children and young people


Child Protection when Educating Children other than in a school


EHE and Tutor Leaflet - April 2018


Guidance for Commissioners


Guidance for Commissioners and other organisations providing services in Gloucestershire - updated January 2018


GSCB Section 11 Self Assessment for Commissioned Providers


Guidance for Commissioners - January 2018


Guidance for supporting children and Vulnerable Adults with No Recourse to Public Funds


Oct 2012 - No Recourse to Public Funds Guidance


The Unborn Baby Protocol


Gloucestershire Unborn Baby Protocol


Neglect Strategy


Neglect Strategy


Child Neglect Practitioners Briefing Guide


Child Neglect Practitioners Briefing Guide


Guidance for Handling a Disclosure from a Child


Handling a Disclosure from a Child


Concerns about a Child Checklist


Concerns about a Child A5 Flyer


Concerns about a Child A6 Postcard


Gloucestershire's Chronology Guidance


Gloucestershire's Chronology Guidance


Substance Misuse Screening Tool


Young People's Substance Misuse Referral Form

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